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School Resumption (in-school) for 2020/2021 First Term

Good day Parents/Guardians, greetings from Ray Jacobs Boarding School.

The school will be resuming on October 12th 2020. This comes after the state government approved schools to resume. Students are to return to school on October 11 2020.

While the school spends next week preparing to receive students, students are required to continue with their online program, as they will be using parts of the current online system when they return to school. We have spent this week (Sept 28 to Oct 2) so far, ensuring students receive their login information for the school's online learning portal and resolving any challenges they have with using the system. When students return to school on October 12, they will be continuing their lessons from where they stopped online.

Therefore, it is very important that all students start the online lessons on Monday Oct 5th. Please ensure your children have laptop computers to use to start the online lessons. Be reminded that when students return to school on Oct 11, they will be required to bring their laptop computers and headphones/earphones with them to school.

The school will not be increasing the tuition fees for students. School fees remains 220,000 naira per term. The two week free access to the online portal ends on October 11.

Health guidelines and requirements for returning students will be posted before resumption date. Please ensure your children adhere to the guidelines.

We look forward to receiving your children back in school soon!

Thank you.



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