Ray Jacobs Pre-Primary (Montessori), Primary and Secondary School (Boarding) Mgbidi is a day and boarding private school. It was established to give a solid foundation, qualitative and functional education with inestimable passion for excellence.


The primary school was established by its proprietors in 1995 and expanded to include the Secondary arm in 2012. The pressure of the unimpressive level of education in their community moved them to establish the model primary school in the first instance. This reaction was informed by their knowledge that the provision of care and qualitative education during the early years in life lays the foundation for imbibing the right values, good character and social behaviour as children attain adulthood 

The founders never relented in providing all the necessary facilities for boarding and comprehensive primary school. As a co-educational institution, the school is equipped with adequate human and material resources, with live-in teachers,

matron and governesses.

The school bestrides education terrain and satisfies the yearnings and aspirations of the young education seekers. It boasts of a conducive and stimulating environment backed with corps of competent and dedicated staff.


The school situates far from the maddening crowd with its associated noise at the centre of Mgbidi Township. It is in an area devoid of distractions along College Road on the West side of Mgbidi town. It stands on a higher plain that overlooks Obana River and shares common boundary with Mgbidi Boy’s Secondary School.

The cool breeze from the river moderates the scorching heat of the sun in the afternoons. This makes the environment serene and very conducive for academic work. The entire environment is stimulating and is known for its natural beauty, splendour, tranquility and exquisiteness.


The vision of the school is to be “THE PRIMUS INTER PARES” (FIRST AMONG EQUALS)

in Nigeria, operating in an environment that utilizes nature and modern technology to

nurture and harness each child’s innate abilities for life.


Our mission is to raise pupils and students who will be turned into candid academia,

trustworthy, honest and hardworking individuals and law-abiding citizens. At Ray

Jacobs, we are determined to raise a future generation of creative,

innovative and inventive entrepreneurs. We want to mould a generation of kind,

thoughtful and gentle youths who would turn to adults motivated to build and sustain

a better community and country where peace, justice, fairness, honesty and fear of

God reign.


There is no doubt that the successes recorded by any organization are eloquent testimonies of the high degree of commitment and tenacity of purpose of its staff and evidences of the administrative know-how of its managers in actualizing the goals and aspirations of the organization.

Similarly, when the organizational climate is warm, cordial and motivating, when the spirit of the employees is vibrant, peaceful and inspiring there is no limit to the stretch of the potentials and expertise of the employees in actualizing the visions of the founders of the establishment. Therefore, the glittering beacons of achievements littering the trail of Ray Jacobs Schools testify to the high quality of staff who have been engaged to pilot the academic ship of the institution.

Since the school surfaced in the academic arena of Imo State in October, 1995, she has continued to march forwards with vigour, courage and examplary performances. The school engaged the services of great teachers who inspire their pupils to greater heights of intellectual inquiry, creativity and productivity. These teachers are well qualified, exposed and experienced. 

For the Secondary School arm, we have adopted a policy of engaging teachers with minimum qualification of a Bachelors degree and more than five years experience in teaching. 


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