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Ray Jacobs Boarding School has purpose-built blocks used as dormitories, classrooms, library and laboratory.

The school has standard classroom spaces complimented with good sporting and recreational areas.



  •  Science Laboratories: There are separate purpose-built laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Basic Technology, Biology and Mathematics subjects.

  •  Art Laboratories: There are separate purpose-built laboratories for Geography and Home Economics subjects.

  •  Library: The secondary school section has a well-equipped spacious library with books from various fields to enable students perform any research work. The library also serves as a quiet zone for students to study.

  •  Computer Laboratory: The school has a computer resource center with laptop computers, printers and other devices. The laboratory is used by students for ICT related subjects, research work and e-mail communication with parents. The laboratory maintains enough computer systems to ensure every students mans his’/her’s during lab sessions.

  •  Audio-Visual Laboratory: The laboratory is equipped with a smart interactive board, projectors, surround sound system and purpose designed furniture.

  •  Language Laboratory: The laboratory serves to enable students learn new languages more effectively by using equipment that monitor their abilities in pronunciation and comprehension.

  •  Agriculture: There is a school farm and fish pond to promote the learning of agricultural science





In addition to the standard facilities required for an effective primary education, the primary school arm

of the school has the following facilities:

  •  Library

  • Computer Laboratory

  • Science Laboratory

  • Phonics Laboratory



The pre-primary section of Ray Jacobs Boarding School runs a Montessori style of learning with most lessons performed in practice. To achieve this, the school has equipped its pre-primary section with various learning materials and teaching aids.


The school has a well equipped sick bay under the care of a qualified, well trained nurse to take care of the treatment of students’ minor ailments. Major cases are referred to the school’s doctor or to the hospital of parents’ choice.



The facilities below are common to all school sections:

  • Student hostels

  • Dining Hall

  • Sport Facilities: Football fields, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Track field, Basketball, Badminton, Playground with swings

  • Electricity is provided by Solar Powered inverters and a standby generators

  • Constant water supply that is treated frequently



The security outfit of the school operates twenty four hours daily and visitors without

identification are not allowed into the school compound. A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system is installed to monitor activities within and around the school premises and security lights are installed and kept on at nights to illuminate the compound. The fence is fortified with barbed wires. Regardless, the location of the school, Mgbidi is known to maintain a low crime rate.


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