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​                                     BOARDING LIFE


One remarkable feature about Ray Jacobs Boarding School, is the presence of an outstanding boarding life. This boarding life is uniquely structured in such a way so as to complement the rich academic activities which take place in the various classes from Monday to Friday. In other words, students are kept in a very conducive environment which enables them to internalize all they learnt in their various classes every day, do their assignments and attend to other co-curricular activities especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

There are standard hostels constructed by certified engineers. The male and female students do not live in the same hostel. There are separate hostels for them. The facilities in these hostels are tailored for comfort of the students. Some of these facilities include: standard bunks where the students sleep, shelves, good conveniences with water systems, a reputable refectory with modern dining facilities, and others. Things are done very orderly and decently in the hostels. 


​Management of Ray Jacobs Boarding School is very mindful of the role which good feeding plays in the all-round development of a child. The boarders are fed three times daily – breakfast, lunch and dinner. They enjoy balanced diets. Some students with special nutritional needs are also given the attention they deserve. 

There are social activities in the hostels. For instance, students are privileged to celebrate their birthdays, watch educative movies and engage in other healthy social activities as approved by management. Their spiritual well-being is not taken for granted as adequate arrangements are made for them to fellowship with one another on Sundays.

There is also a consistent enforcement of discipline in the hostels. Students who disobey hostel regulations are penalized in order to serve as a deterrent to others. There are well-trained hostel officers who ensure the proper management of these hostels on daily basis, Saturdays and Sundays inclusive and report to the School Administrator.

Indeed, boarding life in Ray Jacobs School can be best described as an extremely excited home. Also worth mentioning is the presence of a reliable health network system ably manned by a team of medical personnel and resident certified nurses who respond quickly to the health needs of the children. 


In Ray Jacobs Boarding Schools, we are building a generation of independent, strong, adventurous, dynamic, industrious and prudent citizens who can compete favorably in any part of the world.

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