The school administration comprises highly dedicated professionals with a great passion for education. 

1.  Mrs Veronica Jacobs                                                                                     School Administrator / Proprietress

2.  Sir Charles Ekebor KSJI                                                                                Principal

3.  Ms. Lydienne Bedimo Eke                                                                             Headmistress (Primary School)

4.  Mr. Stephen Kiri                                                                                             Admin Manager



Parents – Teachers Association (P.T.A.) meetings hold once a term on the last Friday of every term for the Secondary School, and the Friday of every midterm break for the Primary section.

The meeting is vital and mandatory to parents/guardians as it affords them the opportunity to make their contributions towards improvement and greater achievements of the school. In unavoidable circumstances, representatives may be allowed.

20 College Road, Mgbidi, Imo State, Nigeria                                                                                               (+234) 8104955195


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