Ray Jacobs Boarding Secondary School with the motto, TO BE THE BEST, is a complete boarding school for boys and girls founded to provide a well balanced, all-round education for the modern child. Being totally boarding, the school promises to forge the personalities of its products between the anvil of academic excellence and the hammer of high moral rectitude in a friendly home-away-from-home environment.

The vision of the school is to be ranked among the best institutions of the world with an enviable supply of employable world citizens.

The mission of the school is to nurture and educate a group of young people into becoming not only academically sound, morally focused, God-fearing citizens of the world, but also self-reliant complex-free innovators and technology-driven pacesetters.The mission is to produce a generation of youths with a culture of servant-leader mentality which will enable them to cope easily with the complex demands of life.


The staff team at Ray Jacobs Secondary School is second to none. Academically, the school has well qualified and experienced graduate teachers with a mandate to break the world records of her sister primary school in mathematics and science. They also know that their tutorial and disciplinary methods have to be in tandem with modern trends.
Administratively, the founders of the school have not disappointed any body. The provisions of amenities and staff welfare packages encourage staff to a large extent and ultimately elicit cooperation and hard work from them.

The infrastructural dispositions of the school include new spacious blocks for the students’ dormitories, classrooms, laboratories (ICT), workshops, and well equipped library. There is regular supply of water and electricity and well trained dietician, nurse and a visiting doctor to take care of the students’ meals and health needs respectively.

Most importantly, a chapel is in place to take care of the spiritual lives of the students, while no students’ faith is undermined in the school system of, and belief in freedom of worship.

Sir Charles Ekebor KSJI