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The annual JSS3 Career Workshop has just been concluded. This is in preparation for subject selections when the students get into senior secondary school. Students will have to decide on elective subjects which they will be offering. It is at this point in their academic life that they decide the career tracks they wish to pursue. They are required to select from a range of subjects between the arts and sciences.

The school managements invites various professionals every year to talk to the students about their professions to enable them make more informed career path decisions. The objective is to give JSS3 students an insight into the requirements to practice various professions and to learn from the experiences of these professionals. Students also visited the Federal Medical Center, Owerri on an excursion trip.

This year, the following professionals and dignitaries accepted the school's invitations to speak at the career workshop:

1. Prof Jude Njoku (Former Vice Chancellor Federal University of Technology, Owerri and CEO Jencel Consults Limited) - Field of Academics

2. Dr Frank Udemba Jacobs (President Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and Founder Jacobs Wines Limited, Ray Jacobs Boarding School) - Field of Manufacturing

3. SP Sunday Ikojo (D.P.O Nigerian Police Force, Mgbidi) - Field of Law Enforcement

4. Dr. Mrs Mercy Njoku (Medical Doctor Solid Rock Hospital, Owerri) - Field of Medicine

5. Barrister Eze S.O. Eze (Lawyer, B.U Iheka Chambers) - Field of Law/Justice

6. Chioma Okafor (Banker, Zenith Bank Plc, Ihiala) - Field of Banking/Finance

7. Mr Anthony Ozor (Head of News, Heartland Fm, Owerri) - Field of Journalism

8. Dr. Anthony Ekwe - Field of Guidance and Counselling

9. Prof. Emma Anyanwu (Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Nigeria) - Field of Engineering

10. Mr. Kevin Ekwerenwa (CEO Beliock Aquatics) - Field of Agriculture

11. Major A.O.Nweneka (34 Artillery Brigade, Nigerian Army, Obinze) - Field of Military

12. Mrs Chinelo Okoro (Office of the Surveyor General of Imo State) - Field of Surveying

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