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Sights From The Ray Jacobs Carnival Fiesta

There was a day which kept both the students and the staff of Ray Jacobs Boarding School in suspense. That day was Saturday the 1st of July, 2017. The day of the maiden edition of Ray Jacobs Carnival Fiesta.

On that eventful day, which was characterized by different interesting activities, students were positioned at various booths to run various activities. The various booths had the following activities being run, booth one was “chicken chase”, booth two on the other hand comprised of events such as limbo dance, soccer ball and goal post, sack race and lucky key. Booth three was the photo-booth and hair salon. Here students got their hairs styled and faces made-up and took pictures. Booth four had activities such as: guess how many?, hoopla and golf. Booth five was quite scary and fun filled as well. It had activities such as: obstacle race and no-escape (get oneself untied). The last booth (boot six) hosted the most difficult activities which no winner emerged. These activities were treasure hunt which involved critical reasoning, number bash and lollipop tree.

The fiesta which commenced by 9:00am with a parade around the vicinity of the school showcased the J S S 1 students in their green and black attire, J S S 2 students in their blue attire, J S S 3 students in black and white attire, S S 1 students in yellow and black dresses and the pioneer students beautifully dressed in red and white attire. The boot activities continued after the parade while students had a treat with suya, popcorn and ice cream for snacks. Ray money was introduced and students who wanted more snacks purchased with this money.

The carnival also had the night activity (dinner night) which kicked off by 7:00pm. The girls were lovely dressed in their evening gown and the boys on their senator-like attire.  The students moved in with their partners and sat according to their classes. We students had dinner with wine and juice, listened to audio jokes and the dinner night finally came to an end with picture taking and then the closing prayers at 9:00pm.

This carnival wouldn’t had taken place in such an interesting manner without the sound articulation of the organizers in persons of: Nwadiuto J., Clara N., Ugorji N., Divine O., Nwachukwu J., Chiedo U., Enyia J., Ejimadu O., Victor M. and Akamigbo G. who spent their time planning for the carnival. The students also supported materially and financially.           


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