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2018 Man O War Leadership Training Program

SS2 students of Ray Jacobs Boarding School participated in a 10-day Leadership training program hosted by Man O War Nigeria and sponsored by the school. It was held at the Man O War Sea School in Port Harcourt. The program is aimed at teaching the students practical living, leadership and survival skills. This is to prepare them for the world beyond Ray Jacobs when they graduate. The school aims to educate its students to be academically, socially, morally and physical adept. The Leadership Training program is one of the numerous co-curricular activities the school exposes its students to yearly. Activities at the program include: 1. Cooking competition

2. News casting

3. Treasure hunt

4. First aid lecture and practical

5. Parade

6. Team building

7. Endurance race

8. Rope knotting

9. Beaming

10. Tent making

11. Drama presentations 12. Map reading

13. Aerobics

14. Rappelling 15. Lectures on leadership and responsibilities

16. Time management

17. Obstacle Course

18. Swimming and Survival on Water

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