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RJBS Covid-19 Health Guidelines for School Resumption

Dear Parents and Guardians, as school resumes on October 12 2020, the school has laid out guidelines students and staff will adhere to, to detect, arrest and prevent the occurrence or spread of the disease within the school. Kindly read through thoroughly and educate your children on the need to adhere strictly to these guidelines.

1. On arrival at school on resumption day, students and parents will go through mandatory temperature checks, must wash their hands and have their face masks or face shields on. To ensure social distancing and to prevent crowding at the check in desks, students will be required to stay in their cars until called upon to check in. Failure to put on a face mask will result in denial of service. Face masks will be provided to defaulters by the school at a fee. Cash payments will not be accepted and you are encouraged to make all payments through the bank.

2. The school compound and buildings are being disinfected and will continue to be routinely disinfected after school resumes.

3. All students above 9 years old must put on their face masks at all times while in school, except while eating, in their dormitories or engaging in sporting activities. Defaulting may lead to punishment, suspension or dismissal. Boarding students are required to return to school with sufficient masks to be used through the duration of the term

4. Temperature checks will be carried out daily on students and staff, and students will be required to wash their hands intermittently during the day. Temperature checks will be carried out on everyone entering the school premises at all times.

5. Beds in the hostels have been rearranged to ensure social distancing and no crowding.

6. Sporting activities and all other activities that require physical contact will be regulated by the school throughout the term. Students will require an approval from the school principal before engaging in such activities.

7. Any student who shows symptoms of covid-19 while in school will be quarantined and parents will be required to pick the child from school.

8. There will be no midterm break for the first term.

While it is evident that the covid 19 pandemic is far from over, we seek parents' understanding and cooperation while these measures are in effect. This will ensure a safe environment for students and staff; and enable the school continue to provide quality education to it's students.

Thank you.


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