• Ray Jacobs

Extension Classes

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please be reminded that extension classes for JSS3 students will commence 19th April, 2021, and as such the children are to resume *Sunday, April 18, 2021*.

*Extension Duration*: April 18 - May 2, 2021 (2 weeks)

*Extension Cost*: N20,000 per Week (i.e N40,000 for 2 weeks)

The following should please be noted:

-> The Children are required to still come with their individual laptops, but each laptop will be scrutinize to ensure that ONLY acceptable Apps and school materials are inside.

All Movies, Games & Music will be deleted before check-in, so please important files should be BACKED-UP at home before coming.

Since JSS3 students will not be going back home before the official 3rd term resumption set-date for other classes, the students will be checked-in *ONLY* if all 3rd term fees have been cleared.

So once again see the required fees below for 3rd term:

*Sch fees*: N220,000

*Medical insurance*: N2,000


*Graduation Levy*: N7,000

*Total 3rd Term Fees*: N254,000

*Extension Cost*: N40,000

Thank you


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