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RJBS organizes Sex Education Workshop for Secondary School Students

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Over the weekend, secondary school students of Ray Jacobs Boarding School participated in a sex education and enlightenment workshop. The workshop was organized by the Girl Child Enlightenment And Intervention Centre, Owerri.

The first lecture was on THE DANGERS OF EARLY MARRIAGE by Ugochukwu Bruno Azuine-Uche

The second lecture was on HIV/AIDS, SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH by Justin Chukwure

The third is on PSYCHO-SOCIAL AND MENTAL HEALTH by Dr. Ekene.

The break out session had Miss Peace and Dr. Ekene with the girls. Miss Peace taught them MENSTRUAL HYGIENE, while Dr. Ekene taught VVF AND CERVICAL CANCER.

Mr. Justin Chukwure taught on PERSONAL HYGIENE, to the boys while Ugochukwu Bruno Azuine-Uche taught generally on RESPONSIBLE SOCIAL LIFE.

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