• Sieta Iwuanyanwu

Small Community.

There is a small corner in the primary section, and there sat one of the pupils in a tiny couch reading her story book (Hansel and Gretel). Apart from the cuteness overload, I saw a fully functional community in form of a class room, Different pupils working together to finish a project and some taking reading/relaxing breaks.

Least I forget, the best part of this experience was the fact that a pupil told me his classmate was camera shy that if I came closer with the camera it would upset him. Fortunately, I had one of the teachers remove him from the floor and took him to what they called a “fruit break” while I worked with others on the floor.

This just goes to say RJBS is a positive community waiting to happen, Kids are being trained to be their neighbors keepers, good and industrious citizens and most importantly, we are training kids that know when to stop, take a reading break and relax.

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